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Queen's Gambit--Sobia Shuaib copy 2Red Is My Color--Sobia Shuaib copyCarbon - a wild horse--Sobia Shuaib-6 copyRefu - the pride giraffe--Sobia Shuaib copyClay - a wild bay--Sobia Shuaib copyMaximus - the Equine Pride--Sobia Shuaib copyWings--Sobia Shuaib-9 copyshuaib-charley-4 copysobia shuaib-warrior princess of the raven clan-18x24-2021-0522-Edit copysobia shuaib-goddess of sun and moon-18x24-2021-0522-Edit copyshuaib-shadow-2021-03 copyshuaib-silent rhythm copyshuaib-dark night copyshuaib-white clouds copyshuaib-stormy sky copyshuaib-pink skies-2 copyshuaib-rhythm_of_shapes copyshuaib-forest_in_the_night copyshuaib-charlie_cockatiel-Pano copyshuaib-maximus copy